Build advanced visualization MedTech solutions with iMedVision (iDhi) platform leveraging its 5G connectivity, edge computing, and AI/ML capabilities

Speed up innovation and reduce time to market with iMedVision (iDhi)

  • Best-in-class hardware: Delivers real-time insights with 10 TOPS heterogeneous compute power System On Module and a customizable carrier board that can connect to any camera or hardware extensions through high-performance interfaces
  • High-speed connectivity: Digital healthcare reimagined with 5G capabilities such as ultra-short latency of 1ms, extremely high bandwidth, and multi-connectivity that deliver high mobility, availability, and reliability
  • Enterprise-grade software: Assimilates high bandwidth videos and makes inferences with edge AI models by leveraging public cloud services to manage the devices, data, and intelligence and ModelOps capabilities for end-to-end model orchestration
  • Rich medical domain expertise: Ensures compliance requirements for medical devices and applications – MOPP and IEC 60601-1 design standards, IEC62000 standards, and FDA guidelines of hardware-based uninterrupted video
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