A High Compute Low Power Al platform with 5G/WiFi6 connectivity and intelligent sensing capabilities, designed to build next gen cloud connected AI solutions at edge.

The iDhi platform is built around Innominds ISQ5165/ISQ8250 small-form-factor System on Modules (SoM) coupled with a customizable carrier board that integrates high-speed storage, LAN/WLAN/WWAN connectivity, and interfaces to cameras, displays, and third-party sensors. It leverages Qualcomm’s QRB5165 and QCS8250 SoCs, providing up to 15 TOPS of compute in Linux and Android environments for industrial enterprise and robotic applications.


Multiple Input/Output

Acquires multiple streams from cameras, lidars and Intelligent sensors simultaneously, allowing rich multi-modal processing and inferencing for a real time control and display

Global Connectivity

Supports global 4G and 5G technology with high quality end-to-end connectivity that enables low latency, high precision insights

Optimized AI on the Edge

Leverages Qualcomm’s Neural Processing SDK and Qualcomm AI stack to deliver performance optimized on-device neural networks trained in Caffe/Caffe2, ONNX 
or Tesor Flow

Built-in Robotics

Supports Ubuntu and Robotics Operating System (ROS) 2 along with pre-integrated drivers for selected cameras and sensors – ISQ5165 only

Robust Video Processing

Offers rich multimedia a middleware that support a wide range of video/audio processing tasks and analytics engines like FastCV to implement and accelerate a wide range of multi-camera/display video algorithms in GPU

Cloud Agnostic & ModelOps Capabilities

Supports public (AWS/Azure) cloud components or can connect to OEM specific private cloud. Leverages iFusion.ai™ ModelOps capabilities for end-to-end model orchestration


Real – Time Insights

  • Provides real-time inferences for sense and control mission-critical scenarios
  • Uses highly accurate trained Computer Vision and Al models deployed at the edge
  • Leverages SoC’s heterogenous compute capability

Multi-layer Security

  • Hardware Level – Provides encryption through TrustZone (TZ) 
  • Cloud Level – Enables Role-based access control and device provisioning to enable only authorized devices to communicate with the cloud platform 
  • Chipset Level – Offers end-to-end encryption with an external cryptochip that is fully isolated from the SoC, and acts as a secure store for all security certificates

Designed for Demanding Edge Scenario

  • Supports Android and Ubuntu Linux environments
  • Multiple high-performance interfaces for Cameras, Lidars and other intelligent sensors, Controllers, and Actuators
  • Wired and wireless connectivity to on-premises and public clouds
  • Low power Fanless designs and compact portable devices

Highly Customizable Platform

  • Platform offers a high degree of modularity with standard high-performance interfaces like custom SMARC and M.2 connectors for hardware extensions like compatible storage, WWAN, AI accelerators, and various video inputs
  • Provides customizable splash screen and launcher to reflect the branding guidelines of the OEM


Worker Safety and Compliance

Transform Peripheral CCTV Footage into Actionable Insights

  • Enable your existing video surveillance system with AI.
  • Prevent workplace accidents with plug-and-play edge AI vision solution.
  • Early hazard recognition & enhanced compliance.
  • Can be customised to meet your requirements.

MedTech Solutions

Transforming Patient Outcomes with Powerful, Predictive and Precise Connected Healthcare

Build advanced MedTech Devices 

  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Surgical Assistance Devices
  • Robotic Surgery Systems
  • Contactless vital sensing for telehealth from facial images


Direct Teleoperation over 5G

  • Teleoperation of guided vehicles and manipulators.
  • Interface to multiple cameras, LiDAR, IMU and other sensors for vehicle/manipulator control and an immersive operator experience.
  • Cloud orchestrated, secure teleoperation stack, with open APIs and pre-integrated with Private 5G networks for real time teleoperation.

Industry 4.0

Accelerate your Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation with AI at the Edge

  • Realize the power of real-time operational data to optimize efficiency and digital transformation by enabling AI at the edge.
  • Connect, process, and evaluate your data in real-time with our customizable plug and play hardware and software solutions.