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Transforming Patient Outcomes with Powerful, Predictive and Precise Connected Healthcare

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A cutting-edge vision-based Edge AI platform with superior computing, high-performance I/O, and 5G connectivity that is suited for developing next-generation chip-to-cloud MedTech applications.


The platform comprises a customizable carrier board coupled with ISQ8250 small-form-factor System On Module (SOM) built using
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon QCS8250 System On Chip (SOC).

Multiple Video Streams

Multiple Video Streams

Supports multiple cameras simultaneously, allowing rich multimedia processing and assimilating multiple streams that can then be displayed on multiple output screens

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Supports global 5G and 4G bands (RM500Q-GL) with high quality end-to-end connectivity that enables low latency, high precision insights

AI/ML Capabilities

AI/ML Capabilities

Enables complex AI/ML workloads at the edge for the most efficient TOPS/watt using the 5th Generation Qualcomm AI engine

Cloud Support

Cloud Support

Built-in cloud support for security, AI Ops, provisioning, and
full video management. Built on the iFusionTM platform

Learn how the iMedVision (iDhi) platform's robust camera, networking, and computation capabilities can help you build next-generation vision-based autonomous healthcare apps.

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Datasheet for how the capabilities of the iMedVision (iDhi) platform will help you

Advanced visualization and intelligence technologies are driving the next-generation robotic MedTech systems. These involve the ability to integrate multiple cameras and other sensor streams and provide inferences in the form of surgical guidance or patient condition evaluation from visual and multi-spectral data, such as interoperative videos or diagnostic images.

The iMedVision (iDhi) platform powers innovation of advanced Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications that improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients.

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Built advanced and safe robot-assisted surgical systems that give guidance to surgeons in real-time, enabling 10x faster video processing and largest annotated data set with iMedVision (iDhi) platform

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Case Study - Enablement of Digital Surgery Pioneer for building and advanced and safe Robot-Assisted Surgical Systems