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Key Components of the iDhi Eye Accelerator

iDhi Edge AI Device

The Nerve Centre of Real-time Safety

Real-time Monitoring, Real-world Safety.

Multi-modal Data Input

Capture and integrate data from multiple sources like cameras, LiDars, and intelligent sensors for unparalleled real-time monitoring.

High-Speed Connectivity

Never miss a detail with our support for global 4G and 5G networks, offering you low-latency and high-accuracy insights

Bandwidth Efficiency

Get the most out of your operations without burdening your bandwidth—optimize cost without compromising on safety.

Cloud Flexibility

Whether you are team AWS, Azure, or have an OEM-specific private cloud, iDhi’s got you covered.


Azure Certification & IoT Hub

Your Foundation for Secure Device Management

Device Management, Secured and Simplified.

Seamless and Secure

Never miss a detail with our support for global 4G and 5G networks, offering you low-latency and high-accuracy insights



The Brain Behind Continuous Safety

Smarter AI for Safer Workspaces.

One-Click Deployment

Say goodbye to complicated rollouts. Deploy new AI models effortlessly with just one click.

Continuous Learning

Our AI models adapt and evolve, offering you consistently accurate insights for a safer work environment.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

Keep your systems up to date without any operational downtime.


Expand your safety protocols seamlessly across multiple projects or locations.

Performance Metrics

Evaluate your safety measures with detailed analytics on AI model effectiveness.


Whether it’s object detection, image classification, or audio classification, iDhi accommodates all.


Industries Served


Increase efficiency and safety with real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Enhance site safety and streamline project management with automated real-time monitoring.

Oil & Gas

Boost operational safety and environmental compliance with remote monitoring and quick emergency response.


Provide better care with AI-assisted surgery, diagnostics and patient monitoring systems.

Elevate Your Safety Protocols with iDhi’s Comprehensive Accelerator

Synergy for Safety: Where Cloud Meets Edge


Whether you need one component or the whole suite, iDhi’s flexibility fits your unique safety needs.

Your Safety, Your Way.


Already have a safety system in place? iDhi enhances and integrates with your existing infrastructure effortlessly.

Plug in iDhi, Power Up Safety.

Sensor Fusion

Merge data from multiple points for a 360-degree safety overview.

Multiple Sensors, One Comprehensive View.

Cloud Orchestrated Vision Intelligence on the Edge:

Experience the best of both worlds with cloud scalability and edge processing.

Harness the Power of the Cloud, Right at the Edge.

Unified Model Management

Manage your diverse AI models from a centralized dashboard for ultimate control and efficiency.

All Your Safety Metrics, One Dashboard.

iDhi is more than a product; it’s a partnership in your safety and compliance journey. Get in touch with us today to see how we can elevate your safety protocols to the next level!

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