Learn how the powerful camera, connectivity and compute capabilities of iMedVision (iDhi) platform will help you build next-gen vision-based autonomous healthcare applications

Download the datasheet to learn how the capabilities of the iMedVision (iDhi) platform will help you

  • Connect to any camera/display and gain real-time video inferences with glass-to-glass latencies as low as 150ms
  • Ingest and assimilate various types of video streams with powerful heterogeneous compute capability of 10 TOPS and trained AI models deployed at the edge
  • Build enterprise-grade secure applications with multilayer security at hardware, cloud, and chipset level
  • Customize your solution as per your needs with high-performance interfaces for hardware extensions and customizable UI to adhere to your brand guidelines
  • Adhere to compliance requirements for medical devices and applications related to MOPP, IEC 60601-1, IEC62000, and FDA guidelines

Download Datasheet