Enabled a Digital Surgery Pioneer to Build Advanced and Safe
Robot-Assisted Surgical Systems that Give Guidance in Real-Time

Our client is a pioneer in AI and computer vision-based surgical systems that provide real-time visual data and insights to surgeons.

The company wanted a portable device with a compute board that could assimilate high bandwidth videos of two cameras and make inferences with edge ML models.

Innominds leveraged iMedVision (iDhi), our 5G and AI-enabled Vision-based Healthcare Platform, along with our rich application development expertise to build a video-analytics-at-the-edge solution.

Download the case study and know how the client gained

  • 10x faster processing: With our powerful solution the client is able to leverage its algorithms to process surgical videos on 10 TOPS cumulative compute power.
  • Contextual data in real-time: The solution delivers real-time contextual data and insights during surgery with glass-to-glass latencies as low as 150ms.
  • Largest annotated data set: The video annotation solution is also being used to create the industry’s largest annotated data that can support other AI and edge ML-based products.

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